College Tips

Welcome back! Whether you are an incoming freshman, a high school student, or a transferring underclassman, these tips will aid in your assimilation to college life.

Get involved

Join clubs or organizations that interest you. Go to student events. Being active with other students will help formulate friendships. Getting involved also helps if you’ve transferred or commute so you can form a sense of belonging.

Don’t be overly involved

Although being socially active is good, do not sign up for every extracurricular to fill up your résumé. If you drown yourself in activities, you may find that you become overwhelmed. Focus on a few things you are interested in, so you can healthily juggle your course load, a social life, and extracurricular activities.

Take electives you like

Selecting courses that will alleviate the stress of your course load will improve the quality of your semester. It helps pinpoint your interests and may help you to pick your major.

Explore campus

Know where your classes will be. Most universities host an orientation where you can get acquainted with the grounds but take the time to learn the in’s and out’s of the campus in your free time.

Start study groups with classmates

Staying connected is especially helpful for people who take online classes or commute. Studying with other students is usually beneficial, people share study techniques and encourage each other.

Pay attention to perks

Whether it be a free subscription, or discounted food, knowing when and where your student status will benefit you is always a plus.

Learn to budget

Know how to manage your money. By grocery shopping efficiently, and knowing when you can splurge, you live with less stress.

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