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Hair Journey To Self Love

My relationship with my hair has been confusing since I can remember. From a young age, my mother kept my hair in cornrows, and I can still recall setting up a pillow in front of the couch so she could braid my hair. *insert nostalgia* I can't remember a time when my hair was in… Continue reading Hair Journey To Self Love

Recitatif Review

Recitatif is a less commonly known short story by Toni Morrison released in 1983, which quickly became a favorite of mine. It centers around two characters, Twyla and Roberta whose paths cross at a young age due to unfortunate circumstances. Both share mothers who are unable to care for them, which lands them in the… Continue reading Recitatif Review

College Money Management

Welcome back! College is not easy, especially if you do not manage your money well. These are steps I find helpful in making my life financially sound in college! Budgeting Calculate Your Average Income Know roughly much money you make each term (weekly, biweekly, monthly). The time you use is dependent on the type of… Continue reading College Money Management

College Tips

Welcome back! Whether you are an incoming freshman, a high school student, or a transferring underclassman, these tips will aid in your assimilation to college life. Get involved Join clubs or organizations that interest you. Go to student events. Being active with other students will help formulate friendships. Getting involved also helps if you've transferred… Continue reading College Tips